From managing stable RV parks with programmed growth to turning around parks in bankruptcy, TEAM RV Management has the expertise to successfully manage every aspect of RV park operation. Specializing in rapidly converting under-achieving parks into highly valued investments, TEAM RV Management has the knowledge and commitment to get the job done.

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TEAM RV Management has multi-state experience in Arizona, California, Oregon and Wyoming, and the ability to quickly adapt to the operational procedures of other states.

TEAM RV Management has more Certified Park Operators (CPO) and graduates of the National School of RV Park & Campground Management than any other management company in the industry today.

TEAM RV Management onsite management teams are available to go anywhere at any time to take over the day-to-day operation of an RV park. Working with management, the onsite teams are trained to produce immediate results at the park level by providing the finest in guest services. The objective is to guarantee guests a memorable camping experience, providing priceless word-of-mouth advertising and a high probability of return visits. The experience of the onsite manager is also essential to implementing agreed short, medium and long term repositioning plans.

TEAM RV Management’s entrepreneurial management approach results in timely and aggressive solutions to achieve the goals of ownership. These solutions are a combination of ownership objectives and TEAM RV Management recommendations to develop a unique strategic plan for financial success.

TEAM RV Management is known for its client relationships built on integrity, responsiveness, performance and superior service. Strategic partnership alliances have been developed with many industry professionals. These relationships allow TEAM RV Management to bring together the best minds in the industry to solve the most challenging issues associated with RV park ownership.

TEAM RV Management believes that through centralized management, administrative functions at the park level should be reduced. This allows onsite managers and staff to better focus on providing the finest in guest services, while maintaining the highest level of asset quality.

TEAM RV Management has made substantial investment in sophisticated computer network equipment and proprietary software that links all functions of the park, including project management, online in real time.

TEAM RV Management principals are deeply entrenched within the RV industry through association affiliations, both at state and national levels. They serve on legislative and other committees, keeping them abreast of the latest issues impacting the industry. For many years, TEAM RV Management has been actively involved in all aspects of RV park management. They have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the market and meeting the needs and desires of a knowledgeable and sophisticated clientele. The saying “been there, done that” truly applies. From taking parks out of bankruptcy, to reinstating operating permits, to constructing parks from the ground up, to operating stable parks, the TEAM RV Management experience is unparalleled.

TEAM RV Management’s operational structure is divided into six separate divisions —

Four operating divisions:

  • Operational Services — The goal is income enhancement through operational excellence. All day-to-day functions are within the scope of this division. Oversight includes, but is not limited to: creating and maintaining policies and procedures, supervision of overall staffing levels and performance, inventory selection and controls, reservation systems and guest resolution issues — all while ensuring that guests have the best possible camping experience throughout their stay.
  • Quality- & Cost-Control Services — The objective is cost/benefit optimization that delivers the highest possible asset quality at the lowest possible cost. This is accomplished through a rigorous preventative maintenance program and careful vendor selection. An ongoing risk management program is included to ensure guest health and safety. Paying attention to asset quality details is a key to park success.
  • Marketing & Advertising Services — The purpose is to optimize exposure of the park to the RVing public and develop healthy location-specific community relationships through local organizations. TEAM RV Management strives to develop creative and proactive marketing, advertising and sales programs that exceed marketplace standards and bring guests to the park in volume. Guest First RV Resorts, a private branding program, is available for those clients with parks that qualify.
  • Project Management Services — The mission is to deliver construction programs with project management services that are beyond the client’s and the market’s expectations via interactive innovation and optimization strategies. The scope, time and budget effort is essential to continuous performance and process involvement strategies that are solidly cemented to the client’s objectives.

Plus two support divisions:
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting Services — The purpose is to generate and provide comprehensive, accurate reports in a timely manner for all interested parties. Typical financial reporting packages include comprehensive reports which detail financial performance, summarize aspects of operations, compare financial performance to budget, and summarize construction activity. These reports make it possible to analyze the park’s performance and to provide a basis for making management decisions while evaluating return on invested capital.
  • General & Administrative Services — The objective is to provide professional management, training and coordination of activities relating to information distribution and human resources. The managers administer operational guidelines encompassing educational and motivational techniques to motivate and evaluate the activities necessary in the generally complex RV business environment.

TEAM RV Management offers an extremely competitive and flexible management fee structure.

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